1. Keith Beck
    Highland Park, New Jersey
  2. A Halo Called Fred
    New Brunswick, New Jersey
  3. Keith Beck's Zigman Bird
    New Brunswick, New Jersey
  4. Trio of Madness
    Somerville, New Jersey
  5. Burning Up White
    South River, New Jersey
  6. Happy Freakin' Halloween Vol. 1
    Hillsborough Township, New Jersey
  7. Fred Missile
    New York, New York
  8. Little Dipper
    Dunellen, New Jersey
  9. The Number Theory
    Princeton, New Jersey


Lump'N'Loaf Records New Jersey

Lump'N'Loaf Records was founded as a musician/band collective in 2000 with the intention to cast a spotlight on Central New Jersey independent artists & music.

Lump'N'Loaf Records is the home of A Halo Called Fred, Zigman Bird, Little Dipper, Trio of Madness, Young Jerks, The Number Theory, The Scars Glitter, My Soul to Bare, TV Babies, Burning Up White and many more!
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